Pop-Up äpplemuffins

125 g smält smör

4.5 dl speltmjöl

3 tsk bakpulver

1 tsk kanel

1 dl saltade cashewnötter – kan vara andra nötter

1.5 dl socker – gärna mascobado,

1 ägg

2.5 dl surmjölk

1 dl mandelmjöl men riven kokos eller mera mjöl går också bra

2 hackade äpple – gärna sådana som någon jonglerat med


Smält smöret och lägg i de hackade äppelbitarna och kanel en stund.

Blandade i de övriga ingredienserna

Sätt i en muffinsplåt – men det går med muffinsformar också.

Ca 7-10 minuter i 200 C – inte för länge, de ska vara litet kladdkakaktiga.

Mums – bjud dina grannar


Ylva Rancken-Lutz

Bra mandraringträd bok nöjd

Ylva Rancken-Lutz is the head of TravelFor’s Slow Travel activities


Travel is for me like breathing – I need it to survive. It also gives me a very comforting pulse and rhythm in my life: I go away and come back home, like a wave

I am a sociologist with a special interest in social sustainability, inclusive city planning and sustainable tourism. For am a social activist and for 10 years I worked for Emmaus. These interests guide the planning of my slow-travel trips.

The above photo is taken on a trip to Liguria in Italy in May 2016. In the photo I am planning a TravelFor trip. I have a special love for citrus fruit trees – they symbolize a warm and sunny country. I saved an old colorful brochure from a Swedish travel company for many years. On one page there is a photo of a mandarin tree that smells of mandarin when I touch it! Now and then -especially in the wintertime when Finland is dark and cold and nature is lika a black and white photo – I take out the brochure, breath in deeply to smell the mandarin and travel in my mind far away to a sunny place where I can smell the sent from a real tree.

To travel slowly is for me more rewarding than travelling fast and often more respectful towards the environment as well as the cultures and people I visit. I enjoy very much travelling alone but sharing a trip with someone else is rewarding in a different way and the memories of the trip are something you then share.

In my work at TravelFor I am able to integrate my travel passion into my everyday life and work with others who view travelling as a way to bridge people and cultures and help heal our planet Earth. In the TravelFor start-up group I have found my tribe!

The TravelFor travel platform will now make it so much more easy for me to share my treasured places with others.

I arranged my first TravelFor trip in June to the Finnish island Högsåra. It was a succés and we are now planning a second trip in the spring of 2017.

Two films I made about Slow travelling. They are both silent films.

Ylvas sommarkräm och spray

Nu kan du ta din sommarpromenad i lugn och ro. Sprayen och krämen som håller borta insekterna.


KRÄM: Olivolja (ekologisk), bivax (ekologisk), kokosolja (ekologisk).

Ekologiska eteriska oljor: citronella, geranium, cederträ, eukalyptus, citrongräs och rosmarin

SPRAY: Källvatten

Ekologiska eteriska oljor: citronella, geranium, cederträ, eukalyptus, citrongräs och rosmarin